Congratulations for putting together such an amazing event. It seems that everyone really enjoyed the excellent food and brilliant atmosphere.

(Guest Chef Dinner at the Luttrell Arms, 26 January 2017)

Dirceu Vianna Junior MW

I had just begun my 365 Project; An Image & Theme a Day and was spotted by ….. ( You ) ….. You nagged me to consider doing a blog. I confess at the time had never considered anything like a Blog !?! 2nd week past and still the question was raised about doing a Blog as my 365 Project was clearly getting very popular. I cannot express how easy , efficient CultureLine was to deliver me a working Blog.
Not only did you set it up for me, but patiently taught me how to start. In less than a fortnight I have already posted over 70 Blogs, getting amazing views, and comments.
I can now understand the benefits , the Links to all social media etc. Its so simple and the coverage will grow and grow…
Thanks Elke
You have truly put me on the map with my photography !!

Clayton Jane, Clayton Jane Photography

Congratulations on revamping Cultureline 2010. Having worked with you during your “Australian Years” bringing Australian performing artists to Europe I know that you deliver events with creativity and precision. We have always enjoyed your good care whilst in Germany and were grateful for your warm hearted hospitality. I hope we can do lots more work together in the future. All the best from the Northern Territory, Australia.
Britta Decker – Managing Director
Marketing & Event Management/Consultancy

Britta Decker

“The Down Under syndicated weekly radio show was one of the most successful media products in a suite of promotional vehicles we used at the Australian Embassy in Bonn during my term there as Counsellor (Public Affairs) from 1993-96. The program used Australian rock and pop music with Bernd Bruggemann’s dulcet tones as presenter/program director, and Elke Koessling as producer/marketing director ensuring its distribution to more than 350 German radio stations. Out of all of my diplomatic postings, Down Under with Bernd Bruggemann was undoubtedly the most successful locally produced radio program promoting Australia and Aussie music and the arts with which I was involved. I had a high regard for Bernd and Elke’s creative and promotional acumen then, and I continue to recognise their outstanding professionalism and skills in 2011 and beyond.”


Sandi Logan, National Communications Manager, Dept of Immigration and Citizenship, Canberra, Australia

“…showed considerable skills in raising funds, negotiating with artists and venues and producing innovative programs…”


His Excellency Max W. Hughes, Ambassador

This is the one site I keep returning to for news about Exmoor. It’s always up to date and features so much of what Exmoor has to offer visitors and residents. You can feel that the people contributing to these pages really care about the area and want to share their news and experiences.

Peter French, on ‘Exmoor4all’

Stunning photos! Congratulations on a beautiful blog.

Marian, commenting on ‘Exmoor4all’

“…understood instinctively what was needed to get the best possible result and went about developing the appropriate networks to allow her to do that. She has a particular flair for public relations events on a significant scale…”

His Excellency Paul O’Sullivan, High Commissioner for Australia

“…successfully developed and executed the Experience Australia 95 nation-wide cultural and trade promotion covering eight major German cities over 10 months. The DM 1 million budget was applied without cost or time over-runs…”

Sandi Logan, National Communications Manager, Dept of Immigration, Australia