Arabian Nights and Kits by Kids

Last summer we were once again on our way to Germany when we got held up for hours on the M20 in Operation Stack, followed by hours delay at the Eurotunnel.  That night, another refugee had died in the tunnel.  We had enough time to start researching the issue on the internet. Like most other people, we had no idea how bad the situation had become in Calais, and how many refugees had already died in the attempt to get into the UK.  When we finally got to Calais, we saw refugees everywhere.

This trip made my boys think.  Then the images started to appear in the newspapers and on my Facebook timeline: Images of children, caught up in the flight from war-torn countries, cold, distraught and upset.  That’s when Alexander had the idea to set up a fundraising campaign, Kits by Kids.  He wanted to put bags together for these children which shows them that they are not forgotten and remind them that they are still children who should play.

In the following weeks a website and a crowdfunding page were set up, complete with Facebook page and Twitter account.  Alexander was mentioned in the local newspapers and interviewed at a very hour by Emma Britton on her BBC Somerset breakfast show.  People started to donate, and then Claire Lynch of Claire’s Kitchen offered to do a fundraising event at The Combe, the training restaurant at the West Somerset College in Minehead.

The “Arabian Night” was an amazing experience.  A local group of belly dancers entertained the guests, the food prepared by Claire and the students was amazing, and James Fenwick took some great photos.  In the end, the evening raised about £850.00 which has pushed us over Alexander’s initial goal of £1,000.00.

We have now chosen two fantastic projects which we want to support:  HEART ELT is a school project in a refugee camp in Iraq, providing education for children aged 8 to 10.  The other project “Children of Calais” supports children and their families in the horrific camps in Calais and Norther France.  Now it is time to sort out logistics – what to order, when to pack the bags, and how to get them to Iraq and Northern France.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Alexander and Kits by Kids so far.  We are keeping the fundraising page

open as we hope to provide continued support to both HEART ELT and Children of Calais.


“Arabian Nights” with Claire’s Kitchen

We are delighted to have teamed up with “Claire’s Kitchen” for a number of events which all promise great food, great fun and a great experience.

Arabian Nights” is the first themed night at The Combe, West Somerset College’s training restaurant in Minehead, which will raise funds for the initiative “Kits by Kids” set up by my 12 year old son Alexander to help refugee children.

The tasting menu of Middle Eastern dishes costs £25.00.  To book a table, please call 01643 700322 – don’t wait too long as places are limited.

Arabian Nights