We currently work mainly in the tourism and wedding sectors, with a special emphasis on the use of social media and networking. Below are some of our pet projects – please have a look!



We share photos and stories of Exmoor on social media. Blog, Twitter and Facebook are our main avenues to raise awareness of Exmoor and to engage an ever growing community worldwide. The objective is to provide a platform for locals and visitors and ultimately improve the local economy. Since launching Exmoor4all in January 2013, we … Continue reading Exmoor4all

Exmoor Club

The Exmoor Club offers fantastic deals and discounts to all our members. It was created alongside Exmoor4all, with the objective of making Exmoor more affordable and to promote local businesses.

Clayton Jane Photography

We designed and created a WordPress blog for Clayton Jane to help him spread the word about his amazing photography.  This blog is now linked to his website and Tumblr as well as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, increasing the number of his followers – and ultimately clients – daily.

This could be you?

Whatever your project – we can help! From websites to copy writing to setting up your blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. From creating strategies to organising ‘bums  on seats’ events. Corporate or private – talk to us!

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