‘Our Wedding’ blog

You have just got engaged and would really like all the world to know about your wedding planning. We can set you up with a wedding blog where you can have all the information about the venue, the programme of the day, the food and so on. But you can also use it to tell people a bit more about the two of you, post photos, show them ideas for presents…. whatever takes your fancy!

It is up to you whether you keep your blog private and only visible to those people you have invited to look at it. You can also make the blog visible to everybody and even link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
After the wedding you display your favourite photos in a gallery, for you and your friends to go back to whenever you feel like it. Because the blog will be there for ever and ever and ever.

We will set it all up for you for £150.00 and even run it for you for two months for free.  We teach you how to upload photos and text, and will be there to help if you have any questions for ever and ever and ever.

Email weddings@cultureline.co.uk or phone 0788 1504863. Alternatively, you can contact us via this website.



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