Local artist sells original paintings in our Exmoor Store

Local artist David Jessup recently joined our Exmoor Store with his original oil paintings.  Within half a day, two paintings have already sold so far.  The paintings in the Exmoor Store all depict well-loved scenes on Exmoor.  Hopefully the Store is soon able to also offer prints of David’s paintings.

David Jessup sold his first picture – a small scraperboard drawing – aged 14.

Years later, David took time out from his job as a production controller at the Clarks factory in Minehead – unable to stand or walk after an operation, he picked up his oil paints once more. When the factory closed in 1982, David and his family moved to a remote miners cottage where they established the family business Brendon Hill Crafts, combining his wife Lizs preserves and his own artwork.

David prefers to produce large oil paintings on medium grain stretched canvas, making use of sheer magnitude to transport the viewer to the scene.  Referring to compositional sketches captured on site, David works in his home studio.

In his alter ego as an illustrator, David also turns to nature as a subject, producing watercolours and drawings for postcards and prints for clients like the National Trust and The Lost Gardens of Heligan. 

The Exmoor Store is an online platform for local artists, crafters, photographers and producers.  It was only opened at the end of November 2016 and has already proven to be very popular.  Go to www.exmoor.store to find out more.

Here are all the paintings David Jessup made available to Exmoor Store:


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