I had just begun my 365 Project; An Image & Theme a Day and was spotted by ….. ( You ) ….. You nagged me to consider doing a blog. I confess at the time had never considered anything like a Blog !?! 2nd week past and still the question was raised about doing a Blog as my 365 Project was clearly getting very popular. I cannot express how easy , efficient CultureLine was to deliver me a working Blog.
Not only did you set it up for me, but patiently taught me how to start. In less than a fortnight I have already posted over 70 Blogs, getting amazing views, and comments.
I can now understand the benefits , the Links to all social media etc. Its so simple and the coverage will grow and grow…
Thanks Elke
You have truly put me on the map with my photography !!

Clayton Jane, Clayton Jane Photography

“…successfully developed and executed the Experience Australia 95 nation-wide cultural and trade promotion covering eight major German cities over 10 months. The DM 1 million budget was applied without cost or time over-runs…”

Sandi Logan, National Communications Manager, Dept of Immigration, Australia


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